About Hoosier Art Salon


Hoosier Art Salon is a statewide nonprofit artist-serving organization; its mission is to create an appreciation of visual art by promoting Indiana artists and their work.

a short history

The Hoosier Art Salon legacy began in 1925 when the Daughters of Indiana created the first exhibition of works by contemporary Indiana artists. The first exhibition was at Marshall Fields and Company Galleries in Chicago. The high quality of art was applauded by critics and the public alike, the first exhibition included works by such notables as T.C. Steele, J. Otis Adams and Will Vawter, and was an unqualified success.
In 1940 the Hoosier Art Salon Annual Exhibition moved from Chicago to Indianapolis, where it has been at the Indiana State Museum for most of the intervening years.

Hoosier Art Salon maintains a gallery in New Harmony that hosts more than 30 special shows of Hoosier Art Salon members’ work each year.

Hoosier Art Salon will celebrate its 100th Hoosier Art Salon Annual Exhibition in 2024, making it one of Indiana’s oldest and most respected visual arts organizations.